Forex Scorpio Code by Vladimir Ribakov: An In-Depth Review

Forex Scorpio Code by Vladimir Ribakov: An In-Depth Review

 Forex Scorpio Code by Vladimir Ribakov: An In-Depth Review

If you’ve ever felt lost in the forex (foreign exchange) market, I’m here to tell you; you are not alone! It’s easy to feel confused when you try to learn how to trade properly using YouTube videos, articles, friend’s advice, etc. and nothing seems to get the job done. You think you’ve done your best in teaching yourself, because of all other success stories you’ve heard in the past. In the life of a forex trader, there are ups and downs, both emotionally and in the trade. It’s tough keeping up, but there are bright sides to every hardship!

Let me tell you, I’ve tried everything just mentioned above, plus much more and I have only found a couple of ways that have actually taught me what I need to know to actually make a profit in this industry, and I’m incredibly excited to be the one to share my experience with this system, truthfully.

In this Forex Scorpio Code review, you will learn how incredibly efficient and accurate this learning system is, and how it can truly change the way you trade. This could be the golden ticket you may have been searching for years. This system has changed lives and turned many into true millionaires. The success stories are endless with this system, and I just hope you take the time in researching third party reviews, just as this one.

The Forex Scorpio Code system takes tired and old ways of trade training and completely revamps them into modern day techniques of the trade. The best part of this system is that it is constantly updating itself (you’ll see how below) plus you will be introduced to thousands of traders like you! The possibilities are endless (as cheesy as that may sound), and you will sincerely find yourself thinking, why didn’t I try this system before?

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The type of profit you can make with this system is unbelievably astronomical. The forex market, in general, could be the difference in creating the largest profit of your entire life, or do the exact opposite… and no one wants to be at the bottom. But everyone’s in it for the thrill right? No? If you’re like me, and would rather have sheer confidence and trust in making a trade, you don’t want a terrible system promising you positives only to find it’s only provided you with negatives.

But, as a forex trader, you understand the risks, don’t you? Why not take the guessing out of the game and immerse yourself into the world of forex, securely, of course, with this system.

There really is no hidden agenda here; I know you may be wondering when I’ll drop the “catch”, but I assure there is none. What I’m about to review is the honest truth about this program. Regardless of the amount in your bank account currently, and regardless of the status of your education level, this system can help you achieve your profit goals.

After all, the little money you may be collecting in your savings is good- but the kind of wealth you COULD have with that savings in the forex market will have you wondering why you didn’t start trading with Scorpio Code sooner.


The Forex Scorpio Code is one of the best and one of the most high-class trade learning systems that could aid in accomplishing your profit goal in the foreign exchange market.

The forex market is notorious for being an unstable market. However, those who win, and continue to win, have created endless profits with more possibilities in the industry. This program has secretly become one of the best ways of helping traders make real money. It holds the secrets that any trader wouldn’t know just by trading on his/her own.

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Vladimir Ribakov

Vladimir Ribakov


The creator of this one of a kind program is named Vladimir Ribakov. If you haven’t heard of Vladimir, you must know that he is essentially a legend in the forex trading market, simply put.
He is essentially the man that anyone in the forex market aspires to be like. He is wildly successful, determined, careful and organized about his trading- and that is exactly the kind of effort he put into this program.

He’s based this program completely off of his hands-on experience. He’s made the mistakes, so you don’t have to. He’s tried the “get rich” quick scams, so you don’t have to. He’s taken all the tips and tricks and paired them with trial and error, so you don’t have to! As you can see, he’s done all the work for you so you can be confident in his teaching, knowing he’s already applied and worked with the same foundations. What could possibly be stopping you from jumping into this program?

The Forex Scorpio Code by Vladimir Ribakov is one of the best available on the market right now. It is organized, a well thought out a lesson plan, and indeed works when you apply all of the things you learn in this program. It is a unique learning experience that most users find addictive in the sense that it works! It’s also arranged in a way that keeps you coming back for more. It magnetises you to the trade and urges you to learn and soak up as much information as possible. Knowledge is power, and in this industry, it’s also tons of cash.

Before it even launched, it was expected to be one of the highest ranked forex trading learning systems ever, and it did not disappoint. Users who truly took the time to learn and implement the teachings of Vladimir Ribakov saw results in mere days.

He is a man of his work and doesn’t go a day without living and breathing in it. He constantly works, monitors his charts, pays close attention to economic news hits and much more, all to perfect his craft. A man with such drive and passion for the industry is the type of man I wanted to learn from when I was starting out.

His 11+ years of experience in this industry has made him a living legend, the best part? He wanted to share his secrets with all of us, through the Forex Scorpio Code Trading System. Anyone would be crazy not to at least try the system!

Because he insists on no “fluff” in this course, you will find the program works in extremely effective ways, in a timeline you won’t believe. It honestly is one of the fastest and one of the most efficient ways of learning the real tricks in the forex trade market.

Vladimir Ribakov has spent years in the forex trade market and has learned every bit of terminology that may not be very well-known to a new trader. However, he does an impeccable job of making this system completely understandable, even to a new trader.

Forex Scorpio Code + All successful Vladimir Ribakov Forex Courses

Forex Scorpio Code + All successful Vladimir Ribakov Forex Courses

Although, you may know Vladimir is no rookie when it comes to forex code trade learning systems. He’s already launched previous programs called the Forex Libra Code, The Forex Gemini Code, The Forex Master Method, and more. These systems have given major credibility to his name, considering the popularity of all systems to date. He has certainly changed the lives of many traders, which is why he continues to grow as one of the best in the world. If any of these systems had failed in the past, I don’t think his systems would be as wildly popular as they are today.

People want to learn from him because forex traders want to be like him, it’s as simple as that. Want to be the best? You have to learn from the best.

In summary, this is ultimately one of the best forex trading systems of 2017. The value that is provided by Vladimir in the Forex Scorpio Code is priceless and honestly, reaches potential completely surpassing some of the other trading systems on the market now.

If you’re tired of trying out and failing at those “get rich quick” schemes, I’m here to tell you they fail for a reason. Everyone could use a little bit more financial security, and you’re no different. With the Scorpio Code, it doesn’t take much to make a lucrative and consistent amount of extra profit every month. It may seem like a lot, with all of the programs and details involved with this system, but I’m confident it is saying, this is 100% worth your time, effort and money.

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It is one of a kind and is extremely easy to follow, with step by step procedures that will teach you all you need to know in becoming a professional (and profitable) trader. Now let’s break things down to the real stuff!


Forex Scorpio Code Full Hard Set

Forex Scorpio Code Full Hard Set

Vladimir Ribakov has designed the Forex Scorpio Code, unlike his past forex training systems. He’s trimmed down the excess information or “fluff” and removed the general summaries, and dives straight into what will make you money, quickly. He focusses in on what you need to do, what steps you need to follow, to make your best profit. It’s simple, easy to use, easy to follow and you will feel like an expert fairly quickly.

With a great mindset and the ability to follow along, there truly is no way anyone could fail using the tools, tips, tricks, and real-life examples offered. The amount of value provided in this system is far better than any other you may be thinking of, or have researched in 2017. The ability to make that maximum income you so crave, shouldn’t seem like such a faraway dream. With the combination of these exact strategies (and the constantly updated versions of these), the income you desire to make online is not far from reach.

This system offers live trade charts, organised and well thought out demonstrations, showing you samples of live trades and much much more.

Aside from the obvious golden tips he’s going to be providing, this system is incredibly popular among Vladimir’s fans. He’s what you would call a legitimate forex celebrity and any information he offers to his fans; they never take for granted. The people that know him and love him will purchase this system (as they’ve probably purchased the previous ones as well). He wouldn’t be so popular if he didn’t change lives along his years of teaching.

If it works, why try to fix it right? Why fix, what’s not broken? If the past systems have worked for you, then what are you waiting for? If you’ve never used his systems in the past, then check out the reviews of thousands of people that have! Join the many who have learned to love his systems in the past, and will continue to support his future ones as well.

The Forex Scorpio Code is designed to help you move fairly quickly through the forex trading world. It is made for the trader who may or may not has only a few hours or even a few minutes a day to learn the genuine rules and tricks for the trade. Although it doesn’t ever skip a step, it is merely intended in a way that allows the user to learn when it’s best for them to learn. It’s not time sensitive so you can honestly put as much time as you can from your busy schedule to learn these things.

One of the best this things this system provides is the monitoring system. Scorpio Code provides tools that can monitor profitable price movements. The best part? It actually sends you signals (by either a pop-up, a push notification, or even an email) to either Buy or Sell when the time is fitting. It takes the guessing out of the game and throws confidence in the ring.

Just to jump off of that point, the notification system is way more advanced than any other on the market. You won’t ever have to worry if you’re missing any great trades because the Scorpio Code will literally send you a notification instantly. As soon as an opportunity for profit arises, no matter how big or small, it will notify you immediately. Best part? Each notification is authentic and true to the profit. It’s almost as if it’s doing the work for you, what could be better than that?

The trading algorithms provided by this system are far more advanced than many others on the market today. They are genuinely articulate and specific to your trade and will allow you to learn as time goes on and as you trade more. The program allows you to indicate the exact pairings you need to trade (and at exactly the right moment), so there’s never really any risk.

The type of predictions this system makes can truly skyrocket you into making 6-figures in a much shorter amount of time than you expected. The type of gratitude you will have for Vladimir Ribakov after taking this course will leave you breathless.

This system has promised (and has delivered in many cases) to help its users make up to 14K a week, sounds insane? It could be, you won’t know till you try it.

Still, feel conflicted? Try the free Forex Market Control System here

Watch as Vladimir Ribakov explains the free system here


The Forex Scorpio Code comes with 4 DVDs and a handbook/manual that is jam-packed with irreplaceable information.

Forex Scorpio Code Manual

Forex Scorpio Code                     Manual

The 40-page manual that comes with this system is no joke. It is 40-pages of pure knowledge you will be happy you have at your fingertips. It is a zero-fluff manual that strips away any general information you don’t need when making life-altering decisions while trading. Vladimir jumps straight into the details and doesn’t stop until the very end.

I found myself truly immersed in this manual, as the language is easy to follow and the information is easy to digest. I never once felt like I didn’t understand the information he was giving me-which is amazing in it of its own!

Aside from the great material provided in the manual, the types of illustrations provided are unparalleled to anything else you may have seen in any other trading system. You can even find yourself basing your own charts in a similar manner and earn quick cash just by following and mimicking those in the beginning! They’re explained incredibly well and are fun to unravel.

This proven system would not have the type of high-ratings if it didn’t work, am I right? In many reviews I’ve read and watched in the past about this system, everything they’ve said has manifested in my own experience. I’m thrilled that I actually took the time in researching every bit of information I could find the Scorpio Code. I’m also happy enough in my experience with it, that I’m lucky to be sharing my positive review with it as well.

My favourite part about the system has to be the genius four DVDs that make up the majority of Vladimir’s teachings. The DVD’s are broken down as follows:

Forex Scorpio Code. DVD1

#1 Introduction: This is the DVD where everything is laid out for you to see. This one will walk you through the program and may answer any questions you may have when first getting into the trade. This is an extremely helpful DVD as it literally talks you through the step by step process you have to follow in order to set up your charts accordingly. It’s the easiest to get through, and I honestly didn’t need to re-watch this as many times as I did the other three.

Now I know what you’re thinking, you watched the DVDs multiple times? And YES, I did. Not because I needed to but because I genuinely wanted to. The information Vladimir provides is liquid gold for this industry, and I needed to make sure I knew everything I needed to make it a bit when it comes to profits.

Forex Scorpio Code. DVD2

#2 The Rules: Although all DVDs are extremely informative, this one, in particular, you do not want to skip out on! This disk teaches you how to avoid any high-risk situations all while maximizing your profits. He will walk you through the Buy and Sell rules for three major types of trades: Conservative, Moderate, and Aggressive. The main idea behind this disk is to help you learn the basics in minimizing your losses to nearly nothing when confirming trades. This disk is essentially the “basics” or the “foundation” of your trading career. You will need to know these things before jumping into the next big steps.

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Forex Scorpio Code. DVD3

#3 Examples: Vladimir Ribakov walks you through examples as if you’re standing over his shoulder… as you watch him carefully as he goes through every possible scenario in a trade. It’s easier to learn when the samples are right there in front of you, that’s exactly his goal with this section! After learning what you needed to from the previous disks, you will see his teaching coming to life as he shows you how and why he taught you the things he did, and how they can effectively make you big bucks. After this DVD, I guarantee you will feel self-assured in your confidence of confirming trades.


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Forex Scorpio Code. DVD4

#4 The Trade: This will be the disk you will want to watch more than just a few times! Vladimir Ribakov will completely immerse you into the world of the trade. It’s as if you’re sitting beside him while you can make real profit using the Scorpio Code. It is amazing to see the system at work, a genius system that can be used in the simplest way, to make you REAL money at an alarming rate. Vladimir shares some secrets he has never shared in any other seminar, article or video before. The exclusivity and VIP experience is impeccable and will truly have you feeling excited and confident in trading.

In addition to everything listed above (as if that’s not an amazing program already), you will also be granted full access to the Forex Scorpio Code Private Online Members Area. This online-only exclusive area is truly priceless. Vladimir and his members upgrade the system continuously and also post new material to follow up on. Now, you can be sure that your system and the information you learn will never feel dated! Now that’s luxury.

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In Private Online Members Area you will see:

Forex Scorpio Code Private Online Members Area

Forex Scorpio Code Private Online Members Area

–    Welcome tours
–    Useful information downloads- This is a place where Vladimir uploads new and improved tools that he deems worthy to be added to your arsenal of trading tools. The best part about this? It’s at no additional cost, so it’s almost like getting an updated iPhone for free. Who would say no to that?
–    Progress gifts (how exciting and motivating!)
–    Live webinars– Valuable tips for trading will be viewable every week; this is also a great time to be asking questions specific to the webinar or even specific to the Scorpio Code.
–    Recorded webinars– A place where you can watch the Live webinars you may have missed, over and over! I find myself in this sections often.
–    Gifts- A place where he gives his members “gifts” which range from new uploads, tools, charts, reports etc. All of these gifts are specifically designed to aid you in making more money, that is the goal, isn’t it? I love this feature, and it’s incredibly motivating!.

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–    Post Your Charts section- This section is one of my favourites. You can post your charts here in hopes that Vladimir will see the chart and will give you tailored advice in according to what he thinks you may have done wrong (or right!). This is great because he will directly be teaching you based on your posted chart. He’s here to help you do better. It’s cool to know that you are directly connected to one of the best forex traders in the market!
–    Trade Examples (always informative!)- These are ever changing, as the market in forex changes rapidly, it is incredibly useful to have examples updated as the market updates.
–    F.A.Q.s (Frequently Asked Questions)
–    Manual
–    DVDs
–    Support (VERY useful!)- This gives you a simple email or phone number for when you ever have questions or need support for issues you may be having with the Scorpio Code. I’ve used this a few times, and I’m delighted to say that the responses have been fairly quick and informative. I’m always happy with my support with the Scorpio Code.

Oh, and it’s also a 60-day cash back guarantee! You won’t be questioned whatsoever, so if you feel it’s not working for you- a simple return is viable. This was a huge selling point for me because it was comforting to know I could return it if it weren’t what I expected. It gave me the much-needed reassurance for moving forward and buying the system.

The type of technology involved in this trading system is incomparable to anything else I’ve ever tried. The Scorpio Code is incredibly innovative and always updated with the newest technologies in the market. The algorithms provided are some of the best I’ve ever used and are always the newest versions of themselves (because it’s constantly being updated).

The kind of results you can have with these types of tools are amazing. I encourage everyone in my circle of traders, especially if they’re interested in the Scorpio Code, to at least try the free Forex Market Control System: Get it Here As Vladimir Ribakov explains it in depth, here.


The Scorpio Code is incredibly time efficient. This is unlike any other on the market. The other programs want to sit you through a ridiculous amount of time, teaching you basics you may already know, or teach you fundamentals that don’t really apply to real life trade. I hated those as I felt like they were just wasting my time.

The Scorpio Code absolutely has no fluff, it gets you straight to the point and helps you grow, quickly. This system is one of the easiest systems out there. The details in these guides are incredibly easy to follow, you won’t ever feel like you’ve been left behind. Plus, the perks of the Private Members Online Area allows you to connect with others in your situation- you’ll never feel alone in this.

If you think you’re too advanced for this system, think again. There are things that change in this market daily, sometimes multiple times a day, and it becomes quite impossible to keep track of it all. This system never lets you fall through the cracks if you miss a live webinar or a very important update. After you go through the system, you will truly reap the benefits of the Private Members Online Area.


On the opposite side of the spectrum, if you are just starting out, you have a greater advantage as you will be starting out with learning from the best. You will find all the tricks you need to stay afloat, and you will be thankful Vladimir has tried and failed his own attempts in some of his teaching (so you don’t have to).

From the very beginning, I noticed that this system, in particular, feels far more advanced than many of the others I’ve tried. The sophisticated algorithms provided and the strategies implemented may seem dense and hard to follow on the surface, but are actually incredibly doable and fun to follow- especially when the profits start rolling in! Who doesn’t want that?

It’s relatively a much lower cost than many other forex trading systems out there, and the value is still high-class, a win-win! This is also protected by ClickBank, so there’s really no risk.


This is one of the best forex systems on the market, and lucky for you, it is also one of the cheapest! In my research, I have found forex trading systems that range to up to 20K! And those super expensive ones may seem perfect because they promise you the world with it… although don’t seem to deliver as well as you expect (watch out for the scams).

Vladimir Ribakov’s Forex Scorpio Code is at an amazing price of $999. There are many experts in the field who have clocked this system at a much higher price. If an expert says this system could sell for 3K+ and still hold a great value amount, that is proof enough for me!

As mentioned previously, it’s also backed by a 60-day money back guarantee, so the pressure of buying it and needing to keep it is out the window. However, I’m not quite sure who would actually return this system, it’s quite literally gold. It’s helped me become the type of trader I’ve always dreamed of being, a successful one!


Vladimir Ribakov’s system may look like many other forex trading training programs from the outside, but the value you get truly outweighs all others on the market. The knowledge you attain and the upgraded and real-time support and efforts to help get you started on your journey and assist you throughout the entire process is truly priceless. I’m constantly overwhelmed by the webinars that are released every week because I feel as though the money I spent for the system is almost nothing in comparison to the kind of value I got back with it. And yes, I did indeed make money back that I invested in this system, and a giant ROI actually!

The systems out there that may cost double or even triple the amount of this system don’t even come close to the value you get with Vladimir Ribakov’s Forex Scorpio Code. The “get rich quick” schemes are fake, they always are- aren’t they? This system provides you with the needed tools and support you need to sincerely make your profit. If I could talk about the ways it’s changed my life, and you would be reading this review all day!

If you’ve made it this far into this Vladimir Ribakov Forex Scorpio Code System review, it’s clear you’re very interested. If you’re waiting for me to completely nudge you into taking this system (or at least testing it out here) Then please, imagine a small nudge on your should tip you over the edge. You will not regret this decision. I didn’t, and I’m confident you won’t either.

Take your chance for Testing IT!!

I will say this, there are other systems out there that promise to give you the profits you crave, and instead, make you jump backwards and lose in more ways than one. This is not one of those systems, and this one will skyrocket you into the profits you’ve dreamed of. It will give you the kind of knowledge you need in gaining the confidence you want in making every trade. The profits are real, the value is real, and the after-support is real. There really is no risk; you will make a profit. Simple as that.

James Edward Complete Currency Trader Review: In-Depth

James Edward Complete Currency Trader Review: In-Depth

James Edward Complete Currency Trader Review: In-Depth

          If you haven’t heard by now, there is a wildly popular at home; Forex Trading course called Complete Currency Trader. This course is designed and taught by James Edward. James Edward is the man who created the definitive course that emerged from one of the best trading development companies in London. His course claims to teach how to trade currencies and generate a genuine profit.

This at-home course was created to specifically teach the ones who are ready and willing to genuinely make more money in less time in the Forex Trading world. Complete Currency Trader (or CCT), is intended for those who want to master the Forex market, James Edward’s course has developed a way to do just that.

There is no imaginable way that this course can’t work. If you simply read the outpour of raved reviews, you can see that I’m not the only one truly in-love with this course. This will teach those willing to put in the work, to making it in the trading industry. Everyone knows the Forex Trading industry is capable of making someone very very rich, so why not try your hand at this?

I’m happy to say that there is not one part of this course that will not benefit you. Whether you’re just starting out, or you think you’re a pro. I guarantee you will gain an immense amount of knowledge you didn’t know prior to taking this course! From how to use the professional tools, to shortcuts, to tricks that could benefit you, possibly overnight! You will not be disappointed with your results, see how below!


Complete Currency Trader is a company that represents an incredibly innovative world of training in the Forex market. The Forex market is an unbelievably lucrative and money making powerhouse of a market that allows a trader to buy and sell foreign currencies in order to make a profit.

This London based company has developed a program that promises to train those willing to learn the tricks of the trade (literally and figuratively). It aims to train properly enough to, at one point, allow its users to be an independent trader by the end. This course has trained and developed tons of success stories from its professional and well-organized course. It’s easy to use and easy to follow.

James Edward is a man who has earned a reputable reputation among the trading industry. He started trading in 2006 and has since dedicated endless hours training himself and learning how to train properly by simple trial and error. He became a man who positioned himself at being one of the more popular traders in our time. The skills he’s developed have become necessary to train up and coming traders in the field.

James Edward CCT Company

James Edward CCT Company

He is the man who has tried and failed, so you don’t have to! He’s developed a course with golden information that could help skyrocket your Forex trades. Don’t make the same mistakes he has, don&rdon’t learn from other traders who are still making mistakes. Why not learn from the absolute best?

James is famous for saying, “If you want to be in the top 1%, you have to do what only 1% of people do- avoid the crowd at all costs.” This is the type of teachings he pushes in his training, aside from the skills and tricks needed to become a great trader, his life advice doesn’t hurt either! A positive, confident and intelligent force is what he is, and he’s willing to teach you his ways.

This program promises to train you accordingly to help you consistently make money like the top 1% of Forex traders. Complete Currency Trader gives the ability to make a trader constant profit. It has truly taken the world by storm and has kicked any other trading training program out of the game, simply because it is the best.

This course delivers high-class results in this money and profit driven industry. It gives you the right tools to help you maneuver along through the industry with little struggle and an overwhelmingly positive return. There honestly is no downfall in working your way up to the top 1% of the traders of the industry. When your pockets win, you win, and that’s exactly the goal of this course.


James Edward has created Complete Currency Trader as an at home study course. Edward provides the at-home students with the proper tools needed to become a successful money-making trader. The system provides the education, training, and tools needed to successfully become a skilled trader. When completed, you will have everything you need and more to push yourself and your earnings to a much higher level.James Edward complete currency trader review

James provides tips and tricks he’s learned throughout his many years of experience in the trading industry. He delivers the secrets that all traders need to be completely successful enough to create a passive income. It proves just how easy it can be to exploit hedge fund managers and earn the profits you so crave. Don’t beliebelieve me?

Check it out here!

If you’ve ever needed the exact tips to help you succeed in trading, this course is perfect for you. No more general tips! James sticks with the specifics you need to help you succeed.

Simply knowing and predicting the trends each day is a start. The moves you need to make each day will become second nature when you take this course, as it will teach you what to do before you need to do it. The promises made by James in this training course may seem too good to be true. However, according to many (now) successful traders in the market currently, they truly work.

One of the hardest promises to grasp is the idea that your average loss will actually be doubled by your wins. Crazy? Maybe. Does it work? YES.

All this trading with wins and losses also promise to keep your investment capital untouched and away from any major losses. Gains will surely have you wish you had put in more! This course can do just that for you.

This Complete Currency Trader course is separated into three easy-to follow sections. Although the amount of material in each section may seem dense, it’s incredibly easy to pick up on.


As a successful Forex Trader, you are always in need of the tools that will help you to be just that, successful. The Complete Currency Trader offers a huge range of tools that can help you be the successful person you’ve truly always dreamed of. And trust me, you are going to want to learn how to use each and every single one of these tools to your advantage, they wouldn’t be there if they weren’t needed. My suggestion to you? Soak up every bit of information regarding these tools, consider yourself a sponge, and James is the water you need!

Some of the tools listed below are just a few that are mentioned in the course, just to give you a taste of what you can learn and what you can use to create that lucrative and passive income you so desire. See below for an incredibly summarized list of the major tools I use and love!

Currency Strength Indicator: Ever wondered how you can compare currency pairs in your specific Forex market? This tool does just that! It checks the strength and weaknesses of at least 28 different currency pairs for you so you don’t have to. This tool will help you build and aid you in your currency trading career and the course will teach you how to use this tool correctly.


This is one of the most generic, easiest, and more helpful tools! Don’t skip over this tool, as you need it! Sometimes having someone else (or in this case a software program) to do the thinking for you, helps. The pairings are easy to spot as they become visible in plain sight. If you’re worried about trusting the software, don’t. I have tried and tried my best to actually go against the pairings spotted in this tool, just to test it! And sure enough, I was wrong every single time I didn’t follow this tool. Sometimes when you think you’re right, you’re not. Let this tool do the thinking for you!

Try it Here

PIP Value Calculator: This value calculator will determine the time frame you may need to stay within a certain trade. It will help you to determine the actual profitability of that trade as well and will regulate the best times to stay or leave that trade. The PIP can also give you the smallest exchange rate you can make of any given trade. This tool truly does allow you to figure out the worth of your own account, it can determine if the one you’re currently in is beneficial or not.

This tool is fantastic when you’re interested in constantly checking the trades (which is probably never). It allows you to pick a pairing and wait for as long as the tool says you should (in that trade). This gives you the freedom to work on other projects if you feel the need because this tool takes time off your hands! Now I know what you’re thinking, is it accurate? And the answer to that is an overwhelming YES. There are hundreds of third party reviews that say so as well.

Drawdown Calculator: This tool truly goes above and beyond any other tool in the course. This allows you to calculate a number of potential losses you can have in any gives Forex trade. This tool is based on a certain percentage risk for your trade and will show you much you could potentially lose after you’ve experienced a number of trades already. And although traders typically want to calculate either gains (or wins) in comparison to their losses, this tool is beneficial as it can be positive in a negative situation. This can help you determine how much of your account would you lose if you reached a certain percentage on every trade and how much it would take to lose half of your account. Essentially, if you feel as though you are taking a risk, it will tell you how much is too much (to invest). This is an amazing tool.

Compounding Calculator: This calculator may be available among other courses; however, it is among the most accurate I’ve ever used. This tool is dreamlike when it comes to figuring out exactly how much an account you’ve invested in can grow. It’ll show how much your investment can grow once it’s been compounded. This will also show you the strengths you have within your own account and will show you the growth potential in the future. This also includes and takes into account that you will take money out from your profits and pocket them as your income as a job well-done! Again, this is a tool that is well used among other Forex trading courses, however, it’s still needed in its own version on any site you go!

Streak Possibility Calculator: This is an interesting tool as it can almost predict the future you may not want to see. It allows you to determine, over a number of trades, a losing streak you may hit. The sample they’ve given as a sneak peek into the tools is, “what are the chances of getting a streak of 10 losing trades in a row at some point during the next 100 trades if I lose on average 50% of my trades? “This essentially is telling you the best news, when you’re expecting the worst. It is meant to set your mind at ease. This takes the surprise element out of the surprise loss. Now I know what you’re thinking, do I really want to know that? The answer is YES. However, this tool should not scare you away from trading in that pairing as it will help you twice as much as it will predict your loses.

Position Size Calculator: This tool is your best friend when it comes to figuring out exactly how much to invest in a certain trade. If you should invest more, it will determine that and vice versa, with the downfall of trading in a not so lucrative area. If you’ve ever wondered how much should you sell or buy, this will answer those questions. You will never have to guess on the amount you’re willing to risk, take the guessing out of the game and allow this tool transform the way you buy or sell.

This could quite possibly be the tool to change your life. You may be rolling in money if you hit the jackpot using this tool. And although some may be hesitant in the trades, wondering if this tool is too good to be true… I’m here at CreativeBound to say that it WORKS. I am loving this tool and I still use it every day. This is what stands between either a small paycheck or a very fat one (figuratively speaking)!

Some of these tools, some more than others, I typically use on a daily basis! There are moments I think to myself there’s no way I would have made it this far without the tools I have at hand- the ones I’ve acquired through this program! Complete Currency Trader has truly gone above and beyond by making these tools easy to use, and easy to follow.

One of the reasons I found myself truly falling in love with this trading course was just how organized everything was set-up for me. In a way, it felt like a video game, I felt like a total winner every time I “levelled up” in the course. The first steps are the easiest, simply maneuvering throughout the back end of the software and learning some well-needed knowledge before ever really taking a step and going in, hands on!

This course teaches you some basics needed to fully understand Forex, using the history of it, as told by very intimidating successful traders. They talk about the structure of the market, the different types of brokers and which to choose, analysis of technicalities and much much more! This was information I never knew about trading and it truly gave me a better understanding and a higher respect for the trade. I’m happy this was included.

The weekly commentary and recordings from James Edward himself honestly helped me a ton throughout the course as well. It helps to see the master himself literally working in his trades and explaining why he trades certain ones and why he doesn’t with others.

It truthfully helps me to put into perspective the type of thought process he has while making these decisions. It allows me to think like James and how he would react to the situation I may be in at the time of a trade. Those webinars are truly inspiring and have lead me to success, just by allowing myself to think like James!

You will also get great tools to match strong currencies with weaker ones, which has proved to be extremely beneficial. Aside from the actual software, he’s also taught us how to pick up hints that may make you know the difference between the good currencies and put them together.

However, it doesn’t hurt to have a software that does it for you! This software monitors eight currencies and measures all kinds of things to give you the perfect analysis of what moves would be the smartest moving forward. It mainly analyzes price changes and figures out your next move, based on that data. It lets you know exactly how the currencies are performing against each other, or how well they’ve worked in parallel with each other.

These tools offered by the Complete Currency Trader course are truly one of a kind and work incredibly well. It has been proven, over and over, with tons of reviews from third party websites… You even have me as proof!

There are live videos that are interactive, and give you the opportunity to ask questions to get answered during the live stream. This was especially exciting for me because as I had questions pop up in my head, I was able to get them answered fairly quickly. The series of live videos, the software’s that you can use for market research and analysis, and many more tools listed above truly give you the upper hand in the industry! Aside from the education aspect, the tools you’re given to be successful do exactly that, aide in your success!


There is a number of things you can learn with the Complete Currency Trading course. There are things in this program that could literally allow you to jump up your trading game in a very short amount of time. You will learn more in the weeks/months you spend in this course than you may have in the last few years, trading and learning on your own! It’s a time saver indeed and an investment well worth the money.

This training course gives you’re the proper resources to figure out the strongest trends happening at that time in the time for your trade. It also gives you the heads up on what can gain you the bigger bucks, in terms of profits.

The best part about this program is that it gives you tools to figure out the trends, gauges the profits and allows you the opportunity to make your move a whole day in advance, before taking the risk! PLUS, it’s super accurate so now you’re constantly ahead of the game and you’re always winning.

The education provided to you by James Edward in this program allows you to manage your trading just as good as the pros do. The 1% of successful traders use those same tactics and tools to make and manage their profits, now you will be one of them. Really, there’s nothing cooler than that.

One of the promises made with this program is your average win will always be double what your loss is. That means you will win 100% double the amount you put in, which means profit!

Jumping off of that point, if you’re worried about your initial capital, then don’t! James promises your capital is always safe in this course. That is one of the things that Edward ensures when you start and end this journey. Your original investment will be safe in addition to the profit you will make. If you really think about the positives you will get during this course, there truly is no downfall.

The final and last (but certainly not least) bit of information you will learn in this Complete Currency Trader review are how James shows you how to manage and run your trade while constantly increasing and strengthening your profits. He shows you the tricks you need to drastically reduce your losses, while radically doubling up your gains. Now isn’t that what trading is all about?

I should give you a fair warning. This course is incredibly well thought-out and very well organized. You may this that is OK, however, James Edward has delivered so much more than what I was expecting. Meaning- there are tons of videos and tutorials and it took me a good chunk of time to get through it all. However, the more information I can use to make me money, the better!

Just be sure to carve out proper time and the needed effort to follow along and implement the tips provided. This is just like taking a class, except the homework is your life in trading! Seems a little scary, but the rewards are much greater than your fears. At least you won’t be trying to pay off student loans, and you could pay off the price of this course in no time!

Just jumping off of that point, it’s also easy to jump to conclusions and assume some of the material provided may be redundant or is not needed for this course. Unless this is stuff you already know (highly doubt, otherwise you wouldn’t be looking into this course), I guarantee you will be constantly learning. This truly opened up my eyes to the world of trading I may not have known, although I spent a large amount of time trading on my own!


I have always been a huge advocate of putting money in and getting more money out. It’s a Catch 22, isn’t it? It is the game of ROI (return on investment). These days, tons of traders want the tips and tricks for free at their fingertips, probably hidden on the sketchy side of Youtube. The truth is this, you truly do need a bit of money to boost your money even further than you thought. It doesn’t take much to truly become a pro in the trading industry with this course. It’s simple to follow, organized and it works.

The Complete Currency Trader will likely cost you anywhere from 3K or 4K and the way up to 20K. The average investment typically stands right at 10K. However, again, it is about putting the right amount of money in to get a substantial amount of money out.

Your profits (and pockets) will be thanking you after the course, promise.

If you think about it, James Edward must have needed to create a course so amazing in order to be pricing it that high, in all honesty. It’s one thing to sell something at a price so high and then at the same time have the amount of positive feedback pouring out of the Forex industry. It’s a pretty unique project that made him tons of money and could possibly make you tons money.

Just remember this, people wouldn’t pay for it if it didn’t really work. Plain and simple.

It’s completely understandable if committing to a training course on an investment with a $10,000-$14,000 price tag is a little bit scary. But if you set your mind to the results, this is actually a fraction of a fraction of what today’s college tuitions cost! And honestly, the ROI (return on investment) with this schooling will get you much further than my degree in journalism ever had (sigh).


Completely Currency Trader is a course that trains you into making the amount of money you desire. Do you want to make as much money as possible? Do you want to jump up your revenue? Then do me a favor and just try the free course, you won’t regret it. Take a look yourself in this Mindset Coaching !!

The type of rating this course gets is truly out of this world. James Edward has created a course that has landed him a 4.5 out 5-stars rating on Forex Peace Army! That truly blows a ton of other tools out of the water. The people have spoken, so what are you waiting for?

Here’s a recap:

The videos provided by the course are astoundingly professional and easy to follow. The information given is truly spoken in a way that everyone can understand, even if you’re just starting out! There’s nothing better than being able to follow along and genuinely learn the content you NEED to make the big bucks you crave!

This class by far has given me more information to help jumpstart my career in trading in less time than it has taken me to learn other things from other sites on trading. I have tried it all, YouTube videos, books, blogs, other trading courses, etc. Nothing has even come close to the information provided by this course.

However, if you’re interested in a taste of his work, I highly recommend downloading the eBook. It even comes with a free Forex training webinar and the Complete Currency Trader tools strength indicator.

Download It Now

Of course, like any other person mildly interested in such an expensive course, I sat back and researched my way through tons of reviews on this course, just like you are right now. I expected to see a healthy amount of both positive and negative reviews, however, I was pleasantly shocked to find the majority of reviews a came across-from third party providers- were positive!

As you can imagine the shock I went through as I was reading James Edward Complete Currency Trader reviews from people who had bought and trained with this course. People said that it literally made them money over-night once those his learning points were applied. I couldn’t believe it.

So, I took a chance, and it was the best chance I ever took. From the support, I had from this purchase to the training and the real results that followed. I am incredibly grateful for this program and for what it has taught me.

I started out like you, reading up on all the reviews for this program. I signed up for the program indicator, the Currency Strength Indicator (which you can find here ) , sooner than later, I found myself buying the whole thing.

Throughout this training course, James has given me the skills to know from right and wrong-so to speak. He’s taught me to know the ability to find the weaker currencies and pair them with the stronger ones.

On my overall Complete Currency Trader review, I am pleased to say I am blown away at my results. Whether you are first starting out and you need to learn the foundational tricks and tools of the trade or you need to sharpen up your skills, this course will help you immensely either way!

I have learned so much from this course in simply a few days than I had on my own in the last few months! If that isn’t great education, I don’t know what is.

I will go as far as to say, you absolutely need this in order to grow yourself and your Forex trading career. It gives you the proper foundation to build upon and it gives you the perfect tips on how to maneuver throughout the industry on your own. There are steps in the beginning process I didn’t actually know I needed until I started this course!

It’s kind of like a domino effect, you have to push from the beginning to get all of the pieces to the end. If you start in the middle, you can miss a few major pieces!

There is a reason James Edward’s Complete Currency Trader has completely taken the industry by storm. It has climbed up the charts and is now one of the most sought after trading programs in our time.

It is a clean, positive, educated way of learning the honest tricks of the trade (literally). If you’re looking to make the absolute most out of your trading journey, there really is no other program that can help you with doing just that. I was hooked from the beginning and couldn’t pull myself away from the knowledge. Sometimes I go back to re-watch some videos again (which is a cool feature).

There should not be one person out there who claims this course won’t change the way you react and work in the trade. It’s not necessary that you have to have a certain skill level. Or you must be a beginner… you simply need to have an open mind and a ready to learn heart because James reveals some of the best-kept secrets of Forex Trading.

This program gives the average or not too successful traders like us an opportunity to learns and trade like the big guys. Soon enough, you will see the big bucks rolling in, just as they did for me!

Check it out here!

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