Forex Trendy Review The forex market can be a very volatile place if you don’t know how to read the trends. But learning how to navigate the market can be very time-consuming, especially for beginners. Often, newbies lose most of their pot before they learn how to profitably trade in the market. Because of this, it’s important for people to educate themselves on the software programs that can help them to reduce their risk of losing their investment. This Forex Trendy review takes a closer look at how this program works and what the pros have to say about it regarding its effectiveness, user interface, and reliability. This program offers a ton of useful information via graphs and charts which can help a trader to know when the market conditions are ideal. It will also warn traders of unstable patterns in order to prevent users from investing their money when the market conditions can result in significant loss. The idea behind Forex Trendy is to help the newbie learn about trading and current trends, so they can make better, informed choices during uncertain times. The software tool will automatically research financial information, keeping the traders up to date with the latest information. A trader can also set email notifications and receive useful information about financial topics of interest including investing. While it may sound like a complex program that’s difficult to learn, it was designed with the beginner FX trader in mind, so it features a simple interface, twenty-four-hour customer support, and an eBook that can answer many of your questions.

Forex Trendy Overview

With the number of binary options trading software programs available online, choosing the right one can be difficult. How do you know which platform is a scam and which one is legit? Especially when new programs seem to be popping up on a weekly basis. Fortunately, there are always ways to tell the cons from the legitimate programs. You just need to learn how to spot a red flag when you see it. Fortunately for you, we’ve taken the time to review every aspect of this software program to give you the inside scoop regarding how it works and what we found in terms of usability, accuracy, and profit potential. This program is one of the newer trading systems on the market, and while it promises huge returns for its traders, there are many working pieces to this program that can benefit or even hinder your market knowledge if you don’t know how to use it properly. This system offers plenty of useful features that will make it a very effective tool when it comes to choosing profitable trades. Inside this package, you’ll get automatic chart analysis, alerts, an overview of all pairs and trends, and the ability to remove or select time frames or pairs from auto-generated analysis. Features include: Cloud Technology: This program uses cloud computing, in addition to many dedicated servers used to aggregate, detect, and monitor market trends in an easy to understand graph. This system operates on the theory that the servers can analyze and obtain data much faster than a human can. It can also provide results in a manner that will give the trader an edge over other FX traders. Custom Settings: FX Trendy makes it very easy for the trader to personalize trend graphics. You can choose to scan a couple of selected currencies or all thirty-four pairs at once. As a result, it’s able to provide users with a clearer view of the latest trends within just a few seconds. Easy Setup: This program offers an interface that’s incredibly user-friendly, even for beginners. Because it’s a web-based app, you won’t have to deal with running an installation pack or refer to a user’s manual.  After you buy you’ll sign up in the member’s area and create a password and username, in order to start using the program. This program works by clearly depicting trend lines on the screen using different colors to illustrate pattern differences and breakouts. This will help to provide you with an overview of current market trends and will enable you to easily gauge when it’s the right time to sell or buy. Consistent patterns and sharp slopes are outlined using a blue marker, informing you when it’s the perfect time for trading or helping you to avoid market drops. Other features include the best forex signals which are automated and able to detect triangles, wedges, flags, and trend lines. Using this program will also require less computer space for storage, which is a huge bonus for some PC owners. Members will also receive audible alerts and emails regarding important shifts in market conditions.

Real-Time Results!

Because this program utilizes cloud computing you’ll be able to access it anywhere without having to install it on different devices. Since this software is backed up by very powerful computers you’ll get instant live results, giving you the opportunity to take advantage of your desired trading platform including Trade Station, Ninja Tracker, or Meta Trader. Even better, live chart comparisons are available so you can make educated trades. There’s even an option that allows you to choose the time frame for viewing trends. Using this software means you’ll no longer have to commit to reading several ebooks just to get prepared for your new trading venture. A crucial part of being a successful trader is staying on top of the market. This software provides users with instant live results when changes occur. So you can take advantage of the live chart feeds which contain the best currency pairs. This info is delivered directly to you.


How It Works

To sum it up, Forex Trendy is an automated trading system that will analyze the market trends, then initiate trades for you based on projections and analysis. This system is very advanced considering it can scan over thirty-four currency pairs every sixty seconds. It also boasts a success rate of ninety percent. The creators don’t use any flashy gimmicks like you’ll find with other systems who tend to promise to make you a millionaire overnight, but some traders still aren’t convinced that this program is a safe trading system you can rely on. Using any binary trading system will come with some degree of risk because a system that can successfully predict every trade simply doesn’t exist. Some of the more popular systems boast a success rate of eighty-five percent, which is why Forex Trendy’s claim of a ninety percent success rate has made traders skeptical. To begin using this platform, first you need to register with one of their brokers. There’s a charge of just under forty dollars every ninety days. This is in addition to the initial deposit. Once registration is complete, you can start choosing the settings that the system will then analyze. Once you start making a profit you’ll be allowed to withdraw money.

In the Member’s Area

Forex Trendy With your full access to the member’s area, identification of popular patterns is offered via the chart analysis feature. This is where you’ll learn more about making smart trades and how to identify these patterns.

The Algorithm

This program is based on a complex algorithm that’s used to identify new trends. The trends are generated based on market action, not by any type of indicator, which is pretty unique for a trading system, but when it comes to short term time frames, it offers an advantage. This program uses nine time frames, analyzing over thirty-four currencies. Essentially, this means that the algorithm analyzes three hundred and six total charts.


This FX scanning tool is very easy to use and doesn’t require installation or setup. Immediately after you sign up you’ll enjoy instant access to the member’s area where you’ll find a ton of useful information and forex signals that you can use immediately. Another major selling point is that it doesn’t require extensive FX knowledge in order to use it. This means that it’s a great option for beginners who will be able to read and understand the graphs and charts that are presented and use them to make profitable trades.

Alerting You to Important Market Changes

The system’s audible alerts make it possible for you to go about your day without having to be tied to your computer to get the latest market news. This system can be set up to monitor a few markets or all of them depending on the areas you’re interested in. It monitors the markets continuously, so you don’t have to go from one screen to another to keep an eye on the different chart patterns. All you have to do is set it and forget it. This program will not only alert you at the exact moment for a trade, but it can also indicate where you should set your take profit. After you have set up the system parameters and currencies you’re interested in trading,  you can concentrate on more important things during your busy work day. FX Trendy also offers excellent professional support and a huge user community. This is perfect from beginners who have plenty of questions to ask and for those who want to interact with other traders to learn tips and more information about the FX market in general.

Beginner Friendly

Because the program is so easy to use it’s ideal for beginners. The program is a great buy for anyone who struggles with timing when trading because the software will reduce the onset of losses that are often caused by ill-timed trades. The interface itself is wonderfully designed, simplistic, and easy to navigate. This makes it simple to monitor market movements during the day. The included eBook will also come in handy if you have any questions regarding the program’s functionality. Not only will the eBook teach you how to use the platform, but it also provides users with valuable insights into the FX market in regards to timing, trading and other types of important elements. Aside from the platform’s ease of use, the ability to totally skip installing any software and going through a tedious installation and setup process is a huge selling point for many users. This also adds to the program’s overall convenience because you can use this program on any PC. Additionally, access to charts that move in real-time is a total game changer for many traders and it’s what makes this program so popular with both the beginners and pros. All activities for the currency pairs you have chosen will be there, allowing you to evaluate and determine which trades you want to execute.

Offering Buyer Confidence

The company’s money back guarantee gives buyers confidence in this product, knowing they can try it for a period of two months and receive a full refund if they feel that it’s just not the right trend scanner for them. On average, competing scanner programs will only give traders about six or seven currency pairs that are available for immediate viewing. But here, you’ll get access to thirty-four, which presents more trade possibilities for you. Considering how quickly the market moves, this will definitely give you the edge you need over other traders. Plus, it doesn’t just scan any currency pair, it assesses your preferences, choosing the most ideal pairs to present. This type of added help is very advantageous to beginners. If you’re on a tight budget, don’t worry. This scanner system is probably one of the most affordable platforms you can use.


When You Need Help the Most

The round the clock support offered by Forex Trendy means you won’t be left hanging. You’ll be able to contact a customer service member any time of the day or night regarding any problems or concerns you have about the program. What else we liked: •    This program was developed by the pros for both beginners and seasoned FX traders. The user-interface is very basic, which is a huge plus to traders who aren’t very computer savvy. •    With sign up, you’ll have access to the membership section. •    This program will continuously operate in the cloud, so you’ll get real-time market information. •    The program’s filter option will give you control over the periods and markets you want to monitor. •    This program comes with several bonuses such as a PDF training tutorial that will explain how you can fully take advantage of the program, in addition to how to recognize triangles, wedges, flags, and trend lines. •    The emails and software alerts will keep you up to date on the latest changes in the market.


Forex Trendy Overview This program does have some flaws, despite its many advantages. Traders must have a stable internet connection in order to operate the software.  You must become comfortable navigating the system and using graphs and charts in order to make educated trades.  You won’t hear the audible alerts if you’re not in the same room as your PC. While this program does do its best to help prevent losses, there are some limitations to what it’s able to do. This means that the same trading opportunities are given to every trader who uses this software. A beginner without any real understanding of the market can end up losing money. Yes, you’ll get a full refund if you decide the program isn’t right for you, but we really would have liked to have seen an offer for a demo or a short trial. This would allow users to test out the software before going through the hassle of trying to get a refund.

What are the Real Benefits of Using Forex Trendy?

This cloud computing software can help increase profits playing the forex market by using the power of trends. If you’re new to the market, in the beginning, the idea of trading can be pretty intimidating. But Forex Trendy aims to help you avoid selling and purchasing whenever the market conditions seem uncertain. Think of this program as a guide of sorts that will reinforce that gut feeling that comes when it’s time to make critical trading decisions. If you’re tired of relying on signal providers to make those important trade decisions for you, this program can help you to become more independent in your trading because it actually focuses on educating you about how the market really works and teaches you how to identify market trends. This program will allow you to enter the market feeling prepared and confident. On your own, you don’t have the power to keep a close eye on all trading currencies, which is where Forex Trendy comes in and saves the day. The automated chart analysis feature is responsible for analyzing all types of charts regardless of any set time frames and it’s able to analyze over thirty-four currencies. With this package, you’ll also receive an eBook, which consists of thirty pages that explain basic FX terminologies and chart patterns. you’ll learn the differences between flags, triangles, wedges, and trend lines, so you can trade like a pro. For many, this program can be the perfect solution because it allows traders to focus on the best trade times. And because it’s based on market action, you’ll always feel like you have the upper hand in the trading game.

Customer Support Response

No Forex scanning service would be complete without a customer support team. When it comes to FX trading, this often comes in the form of email. This company promises to answer emails regarding any issues you’re having with the system promptly, in less than twenty-four hours. For some, it’s a little disappointing that this service doesn’t include a live chat feature or even a telephone number. It can definitely be frustrating if you’re in the middle of a trade but desperately need assistance using the system. However, the good news is that the customer service team is said to be available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. And often, the team will respond in an hour or two.

Forex Trendy Tips

This program will teach you a lot you didn’t know about the forex market. You won’t have to spend countless hours reading about signals or trading strategies, instead, you’ll just get a better understanding of how the market really works. Before you begin trading with this program, you need to know the market basics. Going in blindly and making trades right after you sign up will put you at risk of losing your money. It’s that simple. Anyone who has made a living off of the FX market will tell you to keep your trading system simple, especially when you first enter the market. But that’s not to say you shouldn’t be prepared to take some risks to significantly increase your profits. Set a budget and never go over it. Take the time to learn how Forex Trendy works, what you can expect in terms of profits and loss, and don’t be afraid to interact with other program users to learn tips and trade strategies that you won’t find online. As a beginner, we recommend you start off slow. Stick with a smaller budget and only use the money you can afford to lose. Begin with small sums and low leverage. You can always add to your account as you generate profits. Remember, just because you have a large account doesn’t mean you’ll generate higher profits. The perfect setup is to increase the size of your account through your trading choices. There really is no point in continuing to add money to your account if you’re not earning any real money. Using Forex Trendy can be a real asset to your trading game, especially if you focus on a single currency pair. It’s a good idea to restrict your trading activity to a currency pair that you understand and are familiar with. Begin by trading using the currency of your nation. Another option is sticking to the most widely traded pairs, which is a good choice for both advanced traders and beginners. Keeping a close eye on your failures and success can prevent you from making the same trade mistakes repeatedly. You can use Forex Trendy to view past trade information. Taking this type of analytical approach to trading will allow you to scrutinize your success and mistakes in order to find out what does and doesn’t work. You should also take advantage of all the features this program has to offer and choose a trading platform that allows you to automate your trading as much as possible. In order to take your emotions out of the trading equation, one of the best courses of action you can take is to stick to automated trading behaviors and choices.  Your reactions to market events should follow a tested and studied pattern. We also recommend keeping your trading strategies simple. You don’t have to be a mathematical genius to trade in forex. You just need a reliable program that can help you to identify trends, and determine your goals, set a budget, and primarily use what you make in profit for additional trades. Try to resist the temptation to over-analyze, rationalize your failures or over think past mistakes. Regardless of the conditions that led to it, a failure is still a failure. Unless you have enough financial resilience and patience to stick to a long-term plan, don’t go against the markets. Beginners are never advised to trade against trends or choose bottoms and tops by betting against market momentum. Stick to the trends so you can relax. If you decide to fight the trends you’re only putting your pot at risk. Trading in forex is all about probability and risk analysis. There’s really no style or single method that can help you to generate profits at all times. The key to your success involves positioning yourself in a way that a loss won’t majorly impact your career in the market. This type of positioning is possible, but only by managing risk allocation with a better understanding of risk management and probability. Once you start to make profits, you must also focus on how to protect them. To maximize your profits and minimize your losses you must focus on money management.

The Facts of Forex Trading

If you’ve interacted with other traders, then you’ve learned the hard truth that nearly forty percent of people who try trading in FX only do so for about a month before they call it quits. Nearly eighty percent of traders will quit the trade game during the first year. And even the most experienced traders will lose money from time to time. In fact, over half of traders will lose the most money during the first four months of trading, but with the right tools and a reliable FX program, you can avoid making any unnecessary mistakes.

Trading Patterns

You may have heard about certain trading patterns including bear and bull flags, triangles and wedges, and know that trading them can be part of a very profitable system. But the main problem comes with scanning hundreds upon hundreds of charts, different time frames,  and currency pairs. Another major problem is that it’s extremely difficult to spot these patterns objectively and be prepared to take action once they break. Forex Trendy will alert you to the formation of a chart pattern and will be on constant alert to take action once it breaks, which is huge, especially for traders who are always short on time. The system will alert you, providing you with the name of the pattern and where it has formed, using a pattern chart. This will give you not only the currency pair but also the trend direction and the time frame. Once a price pattern breaks you’ll have a few ways you can trade them. You can use a stop order to get you in the market and trade the actual break of the pattern, or you can trade the price action that forms once the price has broken out. Another option is trading a break of the high and low. Looking at a chart, you’ll be able to click on any of the completed pairs and the chart will present the price of the breakout in addition to the time and date. This tells you what the pattern was, so you can use a trading plan based on the pattern. Profit targets will also be listed so you can set it and forget it.

Two of Forex Trendy’s Biggest Features

Unless you’re a very experienced trader, you don’t want to trade inside of choppy price conditions. You also don’t want to try your luck at counter trend trading because you’ll only lose. Instead, you’ll want to trade with the trend. This program will provide you with the trending currency pairs and time frames.  Knowing the trend and trading that direction will save you plenty of cash. The chart pattern scanner is another top feature. Many people that trade in the FX market are able to successfully use chart patterns, but the key is knowing what these patterns look like and when it sets up. Many traders will trade bull/bear flags after a momentum move in price. Really, trading and understanding chart patterns can give you an edge if you use the right risk protocols.  This program provides you with the tools to locate and trade the same patterns that many successful traders earn a living with.

Is Forex Trendy a Scam?

Make Money in Forex If you’re searching for a trend scanning program that can help to make supervising the market easier, then you need to go with the best one on the market. But you should also be aware of a program’s limitations and know exactly what the program is designed to do. It’s also in your best interest to have a trend scanning program because all pro traders use one. So why give the other guys an edge? Trading on the FX market can be very disheartening and highly rewarding, so you should navigate it well prepared and carefully. But just like with betting, you won’t end up making much money if you don’t take risks once in a while, just as long as it’s an educated risk. With that being said, this program has a lot to add to your trading experience. Many traders who are suspicious of a program that promises such a high success rate have already written Forex Trendy off as a scam. But in truth, this program has been used and reviewed by some of the top traders in the market.  This program is the perfect solution for new traders who are searching for a reliable platform that can guide them during uncertain times in the market. Its biggest strength lies in the program’s ability to search for every possible pattern on every chart in all time frames. It offers very high profitable winners to losers ratio. Plus, it’s very easy to use. It also gained some legitimacy from Clickbank who handles the subscription service for this program. Keep in mind, this program isn’t a trading bot. It won’t place your bets for you. It’s not a fully automated system that’s able to trade pairs on different FX trade platforms. Simply put, the system comes up with trades and recommends them, and that’s the extent of what it does. You’ll be responsible for doing the actual trades. It’s also not a thick instruction based program or video educational course that will teach you everything you need to know about the currency trade. Instead, this program will provide an online based subscription run trend scanning service. The user-friendly manner in which it’s set up makes it easy for you to verify the trends and determine which trades to make. So, what sets Forex Trendy apart from other popular forex programs on the market? This program is different from the other forex products you’ll come across that focus either solely on market education, or programs that make trades on your behalf. If you’re not looking for a training program that will give you a crash course in all things FX related, or you don’t want a bot making trades for you, FX Trendy can be the perfect tool to add to your trading game, because that’s what it is; a tool that’s designed to help you succeed by helping you to make the best choices based on trends.

The FX Tool You need

The real genius of this program is that it was created to recognize breakouts and different types of patterns as they occur. At this point, it will generate a sound alert and email warning regarding trades in progress. So, while this program doesn’t engage in the trading process and cannot make trades on your behalf, and it doesn’t teach you how to become a forex master, it will do plenty of the dirty work for you. Once currency pairs start to show some promising signs of a breakout, Forex Trendy will make you aware of the situation, allowing you to put your money into the currency pair that promises you optimal profits and the most likely success rate. It’s the combination of the scanning algorithm and the powerful charts and graphs that set this program apart from the competition. Thanks to this scan tool, you’ll be able to begin trading immediately, without having to spend several hours a week doing tedious and difficult research on different currency pairs in the market.

Final Thoughts on Forex Trendy

Forex Trendy isn’t the type of service that’s feature packed and complicated to learn. It also doesn’t promise you’ll make thousands of dollars overnight. Unlike scam trading platforms, this is a serious action signal service that allows you to interact with other traders and really learn how the market works when it comes to identifying trends. You’ll have access to live charts, ongoing support, price action setups, and strategic guidance. If you want to build on your trading skills, this program is what you’re looking for. Keep in mind that it also offers a sixty-day money back guarantee, so if you’re not satisfied with this service you’ll receive a full refund, no questions asked. If you’re in the forex business, the low fees are definitely worth it to enjoy a more profitable trading career in this market. So, if you’ve been dealing with unnecessary losses, now is the time to increase your profits, and fight back by using a program that’s been proven to work by thousands of successful traders. Even the beginner knows that when it comes to trading, making a trade at the right moment is crucial. With Forex Trendy, trades are timed just right and they’re very easy to execute all thanks to the information on currency pairs it provided which are readily available. If you’re tired of spending all that time at your desk doing all the hard work that comes with studying the market and trying to identify trends, then you need this program in your life. All you’ll have to do is take a quick look at the graphs periodically and make a decision based on the program’s findings. Other platforms will provide trend data, but what really sets this program apart is its ability to find the most reliable patterns available. When you’re in the member’s area, you’ll be alerted to viable trading opportunities and patterns the moment they’re available. It’s almost like you have a pro trader working for you at all times. Highly reliable, affordable, and easy to use, this program is recommended for anyone who’s interested in trying out the forex market. An amateur trader will definitely benefit the most from using this program because it’s very helpful in terms of clearly explaining trends. But keep in mind that some of the pros may also find this software extremely useful, considering how competitive this market can be. The type of simplified market data it provides will give any user an edge and it can help the trader to make faster trade decisions regarding what currency pairs to go with. For the price, we felt that this program was a total steal, especially compared to other trend scanning programs that offer fewer services. Try it out for a month or two with no risk involved and see how this program can totally change the way you trade and handle the market.



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