Free Forex Trading Signals versus Paid Providers

Free Forex Trading Signals

Traders will come across many different forex signals. The primary task for anyone who’s new to trading is to learn how to trade efficiently and learn how the market works instead of just copying signals that they probably don’t understand. However, knowing what free forex trading signals mean in general and how they can be applied can be very useful to traders.

In order to benefit from FX signals, you’ll need to know the role the signal provider plays in trading. You should also take a look at how the trading community rates affect different providers. You have to find a provider that’s reliable and doesn’t make false statements or manipulate the results. You should also search for providers who offer a forex no deposit bonus, which provides new traders with a small sum of money to trade with, just for signing up.

FX Signal Categories

FX signals act as a trade alert for the forex market. The signals notify the trader when they need to enter or exit trades. These signals can be split into a few groups:

•    General

•    Technical

•    News trading

Technical trade signals are trading tips that utilize technical analysis. To use this, you must trust the track record and background of the provider who is sending you the best market info. Some people prefer to trade on this basis instead of entering their own orders. In order to minimize losses, these signals are often issued with different risk management strategies. Most signals fall under this category, which makes the search for signal providers a very lengthy task.

The news trading signal is simply a way to provide market news as fast as possible. This can provide the trader with the maximum level of profit in a shorter period of time after any news has been released.  These types of signals will come weekly or daily.

FX Signal Providers

Basic knowledge of signals helps traders to find the best provider. These signals can be obtained from a variety of companies that specialize in this market, or from top advisors who provide these signals for VIP accounts, standard accounts, or traders. The cost of this type of service varies depending on where you get them and who you get them from. If you use a broker, many offer this service for free. For long-term access, you can find signal package subscriptions from top companies with the cost of around one to two hundred dollars a month.

Free signals are often offered by many companies for a period of one to two months. These free signals are offered by major companies or brokers.

Because a forex signal provider has to protect their strategies trading with them requires a lot of trust.

Trusting free signal providers you find online can be risky. If you see providers who claim they have an eighty to ninety percent success rate, make sure you take these claims lightly. Like with anything in life, if it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

If free forex signal providers are legitimate they’ll be able to provide the information and evidence to back up their claims. If a provider can offer this, then they’re a good pick. This will definitely come to light with news based trading when you need to act fast.

Best Free Forex Signal Providers

Forex Trading Strategies

The first company we came across that has a solid reputation in the FX market is Daily Forex. This firm provides free signals and offers both video and written instruction, which is a unique aspect. This firm will discuss ideas behind the trade and what you’re looking for in order to enter the market. There’s plenty of other important information found on their site, so it’s well worth checking out while you’re looking for free signals.

Baby Pips is another popular free service that offers plenty of training and information for FX beginners. They also offer signals and market analysis, which you’ll find in their pick of the day section. This firm’s goal is to teach you the why behind their decisions, so you’ll learn how to choose your own trades. You’ll receive signals through Facebook, Twitter, or on their blog.

The Forex Peace Army is most commonly known for their review records on anything forex related. However, they also offer free trading signals. They offer a forum style setup and make a post every trading day that’s complete with instructions regarding how to act on specific pieces of news based on its immediate effects. They also summarize the tradable pieces of news on their weekly post so you’ll know what’s coming up.

Putting Signals to Work

There are a few main ways of putting signals to use and what you end up using ultimately depends on the amount of time you have available, your goals, personal risk profile, and how active you want to be. What you end up using will also depend on what’s offered by the signal provider. Some providers will only offer only one of the following formats:

A follow along account allows you to simply follow the signal provider’s advice when you receive a signal. As an example, if you receive a trade signal you want to follow, you just log onto your account and enter the trade based on the conditions you’re given.

Using a trade copier is even simpler. With this option, your accounts will be linked. When a trade is placed by a signal provider it’s automatically entered in your account.

A managed forex account is slightly different from a signal account. If you’re new to the market and have wondered how to make money in forex without actually trading, this is a great option. With a managed account, a manager will make the trades on your behalf for either a fixed share of the profits or for a salary.

Choosing a Free or Paid Signal Provider

Choosing the best provider can be an incredibly daunting task. There’s plenty of scams and inexperienced traders to wade through.  When it comes to research, you have to start somewhere. For most newbies, the search will begin with paid subscribers versus free providers. This is a great first step and you should be able to compare companies easily enough and track down a firm that offers exactly what you’re looking for.

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